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Yllin Talli Oy

Yllin Talli Oy is a local surface treatment specialist founded in 1973.

We are specialized to different types of corrosion prevention painting and our facility is capable to handle either small or big components even in large quantities.
Basic treatments include a wide range of industrial grade paint combinations in different corrosivity categories.
Our personnel’s proficiency authorizes us to produce special paint combinations such as Norsok paint systems.
Also, we have capability to do thermal zinc spraying.

Close cooperation with transport company (YH-Kuljetus Oy) gives us possibility to offer you a service package that includes transports, surface treatment and if needed, storage.

Totally over 20 employees work at Yllin Talli Oy. Our facilities are located in Vaasa, Vaskiluoto, which is near central and Vaasa harbour.
In autumn 2015 we started to build ISO9001 quality management system. An audit was made by BUREAU VERITAS on 20.6.2016.


Yllin Talli Oy Certification ISO 9001:2015

Quality policy

Yllin Talli Oy has a goal to serve every customer by their needs, so that cooperation can be continuous and long-term. High-quality operation is based on skilled and trained personnel. Each employee is responsible for the high quality of their own work. Company management takes a good care to provide qualifications for this action. Production’s working follows agreed quality standards and criteria, and goal is always to keep up the timetable. A faulty product is never transferred to next stage of production nor shipped to the end customer.

Agreed quality in agreed time!

Yllin Talli Oy goals of continuous development is high quality, environmental friendly actions and safety of our employees.

Terms of delivery

Yllin Talli Oy performs all assignments by technology industry general subcontract terms (MET 03 general subcontract terms) published by Teknologiateollisuus Ry.

Suppliers total responsibility is at maximum the price of the surface treatment.

Possible change in service or contract terms must always be on written contract.




Hannu Halmesmäki
Phone: +358 6 3192085
GSM: +358 500 262018

Seija Halmesmäki 
Chairman of the Board
Phone: +358 6 3192020
GSM: +358 400 561013

Petteri Halmesmäki
Production Manager
Phone: +358 6 3192092
GSM: +358 50 3557279

Aarni Rainio
Sales Manager
Phone: +358 6 3192097 
GSM: +358 50 5004182

Ari Hanka
Purchase and Service
Phone: +358 6 3192032
GSM: +358 50 5747758


Yllin Talli Oy's surface treatment services:

We offer high-quality surface treatment either by standards or our customer’s own specification. At our facilities, we can handle even the most challenging paint combinations. Daily we paint ISO 12944 and Norsok M-501 paint systems. Below are our most common services, contact us and let's find together right solution for your product!

  • Pretreatment
    • Degreasing wash
    • Abrasive blasting with steel grid or aluminium oxide
    • Grinding
  • Thermal spraying
    • Spraying with zinc or aluminium (electric or gas)
  • Anticorrosive protection painting
    • SFS-EN ISO 12944 standardized paint systems
    • Norsok M-501 – paint systems
    • Customer specific paint systems
  • Assembly
    • Pre-assembly for surface treatments
    • Installations
  • Quality control
    • Internalional certification for Frosio inspections (Frosio lvl 3)
    • National certification for steel structure surface treatment inspections
    • CPS (Coating Procedure Specification)
    • ITP (Inspection and Testing Plan).
  • Package services
    • Normal packaging
    • Wrapping for shipping
    • Protective greasing


Yllin Talli Oy

2018 opened facility enables surface treatment to items in all sizes, the facility has lifting capacity up to 300 tonnes. We have 21-meter-long blasting chamber and three painting chambers with 8x8 meter door size. These same chambers can be used also for thermal spraying and washing.

Address: Vaskiluodon satamakatu 3, 65170 Vaasa, Finland
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Yllin Talli Oy
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Vaskiluodon satamakatu 3, 65170 Vaasa, FInland

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Email: info(at)yllintalli.com

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