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YH-Kuljetus Oy

The business started 1.1.2014 after changes in corporation order. Company continues as a subsidiary to Yrjö Halmesmäki Oy, which has been in the transport business since the 1950’s.

With our experienced personnel we offer high-quality and safe transport services throughout Finland.

We can also transport to other Nordic countries as part of larger project.

Our modern vehicles are tailored to fit for customer’s needs and are suitable for transporting different goods. Separate items, containers, pipes, beams, huts, house modules, transformers and boats are being transported by us to all over Finland.

We can transport wide, long and tall goods weighting up to 40 tonnes.

With our large cooperation network, we can manage even larger transportations in time.

YH-Kuljetus OY - Contacts

Hannu Halmesmäki
Phone: +358 6 3192085
GSM: +358 500 262018

Seija Halmesmäki 
Chairman of the Board
Phone: +358 6 3192020
GSM: +358 400 561013

Markku Lähdemäki 
Transport Manager, Sales
Phone: +358 6 3192090
GSM: +358 50 3617423

Jussi Kallio
Transport Coordinator
Phone: +358 6 3192050
GSM: +358 50 3814732

Terms of delivery

YH-Kuljetus Oy has a road transport and forwarding liability insurance that covers our responsibilities. To homeland transportations we apply road transport contract law.

YH-Kuljetus Oy performs all assignments by General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders (NSAB 2015). Some of regulations restricts our responsibility.

We follow all NSAB 2015 – regulations except: 6 § 2-subsection and 20 § B-section about time promise, and 27 § C 3 – section about insurance obligation.

Client is in responsible for all insurances for forwarded, stored or processed goods, if not agreed otherwise in written contract.




Full trailer combinations - 8 pcs


Semi-trailer combinations - 18 pcs

- 13 pcs are extendable trailers


Side loader truck

-suitable for containers


Reel trailers - 3 pcs

-one them with two reels

Special Transport

Our fleet is capable to oversized transportation.

For long items we have 13 pcs of extendable trailer combinations, longest stretches out up to 29,4 meters.


For tall, wide and heavy objects our fleet offers capacity up to 40 tonnes. 

1. Es-Ge 4-axle extendable trailer (40 t)
2. Nooteboom 3-axle extendable trailer (40 t)
3. Faymonville 3-axle extendable trailer (40 t) 
4. Nootebom 3- extendable and low bed trailer (37 t)
5. Nootebom 2-axle extendable and low bed trailer(26 t)



Local transport



For our clients, we provide transportation between factories and subcontractors in area of Vaasa. With our different vehicles we can manage your daily transports in area.

For more information, contact our service number +358 6 3192050



YH-Kuljetus Oy
Business ID: 2553532-7


Vaskiluodon satamakatu 3
65170 Vaasa, Finland

Phone: + 358 6 319 2050
Fax: + 358 6 319 2001


E-invoicing address:
OVT ID:                  003725535327
Operator ID:        BAWCFI22
Operator:             Basware